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This is the answer page to the English-Malay dictionary from pgoh13 dotcom.

English-Malay Dictionary (answer page)

All information in this website is given in good faith and the Webmaster/Owner cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or errors that might occur. As such, your use of any information or tips given in this website is solely and completely at your own risk, for which the Webmaster/Owner shall not be liable.
Unauthorized use of this website may be pursued for damages.

Four points to remember when using the dictionary:
    1. Type the British spelling, NOT the American spelling
         (eg. "colour" not "color", "aesthetic" not "esthetic")
    2. Type -ize NOT -ise for verbs
         (eg. "criticize" not "criticise")
    3. DON'T type the hyphen
         (eg. "highhanded" not "high-handed")
    4. Countries, months, etc. must start with a CAPITAL letter eg. "America", "February", "Wednesday". Same for acronyms eg. "PDA" not "pda".
Please note that scientific and technical terms are beyond the scope of this dictionary but common idiomatic phrases or expressions are given (see the word "take" for an example).
If a common word is not found, please see that it is correctly typed. Thus typing "berzerk" instead of "berserk" will not give you an answer.
Principal sources of reference: (1) Kamus Dewan edisi keempat and Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan. I have used them as guidelines in the compilation of this online dictionary (especially the former if there is any doubt over the spelling of a Malay word eg. automatik instead of otomatik).
Grateful thanks to Ian D. Miller, a volunteer with for online help with the php script in its initial stages.

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